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All new and returning players must fill out the following information.

1. First name:

2. Last name:

3. City:

4. Address:

5. Postal code:

6. Phone number:

7. E-mail address:

8. Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY):

9. Parents'/Guardians' name(s):

10. Parents'/Guardians' address:

11. Parents'/Guardians' home phone number(s):

12. Parents'/Guardians' cellphone number(s):

13. Parents'/Guardians' e-mail address(es):

14. Your primary instrument:

15. Secondary instrument (if applicable):

16. Years of experience:

17. Years of private study:

18. Present teacher(s):

19. School you are currently attending:

20. Grade/year in university:

21. Toronto Conservatory or Western Board Exams taken (include grade level and date):

22. If you have not taken an exam, what is the grade level of your playing?

23. In what orchestras, bands, or ensembles have you played?

24. I plan to play in the following groups this year:

25. Other extra-curricular activities you will be involved in (i.e.: sports, clubs):

26. Do you anticipate missing any rehearsals for these activities? If so, how many?

27. Medical conditions the music director should be aware of (if applicable):

I, the parent/guardian, have read the Behaviour Agreement and SSYO Code of Conduct and discussed it with my son/daughter. I understand and agree to the conditions set forth and accept the cost and responsibility of having my son/daughter returned in the event it is necessary.

I, the parent/guardian, hereby give permission to the orchestra member named above to participate in the Banff travel or orchestra event. Although the SSYO Board and its chaperones will use the utmost precaution in guarding the health of the above participant and preventing accidents, I release them from any liability in case of illness or injury as a result of this activity.

I, the musician, along with my parent/guardian (if I am under 18), give permission to the South Saskatchewan Youth Orchestra to take photographs and videos of me and use them for the purposes of fundraising, promotion, and website display.

I would like to receive a tax receipt.

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